Congregational Services & Worship:

A Shabbat service with Doni and Eric will bring joy into your congregation with a special soulful and energetic Shabbat experience. They will collaborate with your Rabbis and Cantors to develop a special service that fits your congregation, and will join together with your clergy to lead a special Shabbat service for the whole community. They will include your melodies and will work with you in every way.

Friday evening Congregational Kabalat Shabbat Service

Saturday Morning Congregational Shabbat Service

Congregational Havdalah Service & Concert


Educator Workshops

"It's All About Ruach!: Integrating Jewish Music Into The Classroom"

In this workshop, early childhood educators will experience the celebration of our culture (holidays, food, traditions, Yiddish words) through a method of “dipping” everything in our world into the “Jewish Bucket." We will explore ways to help our students see life through plans to use in your classroom as well.  In this active and fun learning workshop, everyone becomes a songwriter. Mama Doni will show educators a variety of ways to create their own original Jewish music for their classrooms.

Doni and Eric performed their Folkgrass concert as the closing event of the ECERJ Conference in Asheville, NC.

Eric and Doni Asheville.jpg

“It’s All About Ruach” was the best workshop EVER! Movin, groovin, so many tuneful ideas to bring everything Jewish into my room!
— Sueann, JCC on the Palisades

Spiritual Workshops:

"EMUNAH: Spirituality, Imagery, and OLD TIME MUSIC"

This musical workshop will explore spirituality through old time music and give teachers a chance to use imagery and universal themes of life to enhance the experience of prayers in their classroom. Doni brings her amazing spirit and energy to every crowd and every age, while Eric provides his diverse and textural musical landscape on guitar. Together, their harmony and musicianship evoke both spirit and images of the mountains, forests, and seas in our homes in America and in Israel.


"Campfire Havda-la-la Sing-Along"

Adults will rekindle their love of camp and reconnect with their friends and community in this evening of songs and spirit. Doni and Eric will lead an evening of music featuring songs from Pete Seeger, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Carole King, Jim Croce, The Beatles, and of course, our favorite Jewish songs. Together with your community, Doni and Eric will create an unforgettable evening.

Clip from Havda-la-la Sing-Along at the PJ Library Conference with Rick Recht: