Doni Zasloff (Mama Doni) is an award winning singer, songwriter, and author.  She has released CDs and DVDs including Chanukah Fever,Shabbat ShaboomEmunahMama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party and The Acoustic Jewish Holiday Collection. She also co-authored the book Get Cooking! Doni is a beloved presence on stage and tours regularly nationwide with both Mama Doni for kids and the Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Band. 


Eric Lindberg is an award winning multi-instrumentalist who brings his background in Jazz and classical music to the acoustic sounds of bluegrass and old-time music.  He works alongside Doni Zasloff as musical director, songwriter, and producer on their recordings. Eric performs throughout the country with her in both their acoustic bluegrass duo, Nefesh Mountain, and in the Mama Doni Band for kids and families.  Eric and Doni are happily married and reside in Montclair , NJ.

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