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mama doni tour dates
  • 01/18/15 - JCC Memphis - Health & Wellness Expo RUACH Concert with Mama Doni & Eric - (Memphis, TN)
  • 01/19/15 - 01/25/15 - Nefesh Mountain SPENDS A WEEK IN THE STUDIO! - (Nashville, TN)
  • 12/26/15 - 01/01/15 - Nefesh Mountain Band and Mama Doni Band - Kids Programs Bluegrass Concert - (Limmud UK, London)
  • 02/01/15 - Temple Israel - Mama Doni Band Concert - (West Bloomfield, MI)
  • 02/06/15 - 02/08/15 - Temple Adat Shalom - Artist In Residence - Doni & Eric, Mama Doni & Nefesh Mountain - (PowayCA)
  • 02/08/15 - Nefesh Mountain Workshop Hosted by San Diego Center of Jewish Culture - Congregation Beth Israel - (San Diego, CA) 1:00-2:30pm
  • 02/13/15 - Family Shabbat Service, Mama Doni & Eric - (Hilton Hotel, Stamford CT)
  • 02/15/15 - Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Concert - (Hilton Hotel, Stamford CT) 6:45-8:00pm
  • 02/22/15 - Congregation Beth Israel Ner Tamid - Mama Doni & Eric Greatest Hits Concert - (Glendale, WI)
  • 02/27/15 - Nefesh Mountain Shabbat Service - Temple Israel of South Merrick - (Merrick, NY)
  • 03/01/15 - Kaplan Cooperative Preschool at United Synagogue of Hoboken - Hamantashen Hip Hop Concert - (Hoboken, NJ) 11:00am
  • 03/06/15 - Purim Concert with Mama Doni & Eric - Temple Bnai Or - (Morristown, NJ)
  • 03/13/15 - Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Shabbat Service - Bnai Keshet Synagogue - (Montclair, NJ)
  • 03/15/15 - Passover Palooza - Streit's Matzo Factory - (99 Rivington Street, NY, NY)
  • 03/20/15 - Temple Sholom of Chicago - Nefesh Mountain Shabbat Service - (Chicago, IL) 6:15pm Congregational Service | 7:30 Sushi Shabbat for 20's &30's
  • 03/22/15 - PJ Library Chicago presents PJ Rocks Passover - Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago - Passover Palooza Concert with Doni & Eric - (Highland Park, IL)
  • 03/28/15 - Keneseth Israel - Nefesh Mountain Havdalah Concert - (Elkins Park, PA)
  • 03/29/15 - Passsover Concert with Mama Doni & Eric - Temple Israel of South Merrick- (Merrick, NY)
  • 04/10/15 - Temple Beit HaYam - Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Shabbat - (Stuart, FL)
  • 04/11/15 - Alper JCC - Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Concert - (Miami, FL) 7:00pm
  • 04/12/15 - Dave and Mary Alper JCC - Mama Doni & Eric - (Miami, FL)
  • 04/17/15 - 04/19/15 - Mama Doni & Eric join the Hebrew Wizards - (Atlanta, GA)
  • 04/24/15 - Scarsdale Synagogue -Temples Tremont and Emanu-El - Bluegrass Shabbat With Nefesh Mountain - Doni & Eric Join Cantor Chanin Rosen - (Scarsdale, NY) 8:00pm
  • 04/26/15 - Scarsdale Synagogue -Temples Tremont and Emanu-El - Mama Doni Concert with Doni & Eric - (Scarsdale, NY) 10:00am
  • 05/01/15 - 05/03/15 - Temple Judea - Mama Doni/Nefesh Mountain - Artists in Residency - (Fort Myers, FL)
  • 05/17/15 - Ner Tamid - Mama Doni & Eric Lindberg Acoustic Concert - (Bloomfield, NJ) 11:45am
  • 05/31/15 - Hammerhead Martial Arts - Sponsored by Congregation B'nai Israel and PJ Library of Greater Danbury - Mama Doni & Eric Lindberg Acoustic Concert - (Brookfield, CT) 3:00pm
  • 06/03/15 - Chai Mitzvah Fundraiser Event NYC - PRIVATE EVENT
  • 06/18/15 - 06/30/15 - In the STUDIO: Recording Children's Audio Book Mama Doni's Bible Stories
  • 08/02/15 - 08/05/15 - NewCaje Conference - (Hartford, CT)
  • 08/07/15 - Camp Gadol - (West Chester, NY)
  • 08/21/15 - Camp by the Sea - (Margate, NJ)

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Our Programs

The Mama Doni Band is so proud to have special programs for the whole year! Each high energy and exciting concert includes giveaways of CDs and t-shirts, lots of audience participation, singing and dancing. Our programs are fun for everyone from kids to parents to grandparents! Our shows are all 45-60 minutes in length.

Please review our menu to determine which program best fits your programming needs:


MAMA DONI GREATEST HITS CONCERT (Appropriate all year long): This concert is a celebration of Jewish culture with musical genres from reggae, rock, pop, to disco! The show is a mix of the classic and favorite Mama Doni songs. Kids, parents and grandparents will all be dancing and singing! Appropriate all year long and will adapt the show to include holiday songs. (E.g, Passover, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, High Holidays, Sukkot, etc.)

NEW! MAMA DONI ACOUSTIC SHABBAT EXPERIENCE: Mama Doni will bring joy and ruach into your shul with her new soulful and energetic acoustic service. This new music includes her own melodies to songs and prayers like Hinei Mah Tov, Oseh Shalom and Lecha Dodi. Accompanied with her backup guitar player, you can expect a "Bim Bam Dance Off", crowd participation, original Mama Doni Shabbat songs like Shabbat Shaboom, blessing for parents to say to their children (birchat hamishpacha) and a new soulful Shema that will touch the hearts of young and old.

NEW! SHABBAT SHABOOM CONCERT (Beginning Summer 2010): This rock ‘n’ roll Shabbat kids’ show is all about celebrating Shabbat in a fun, cool way. Songs include “Hollah For Your Challah!,” “Disco Shabbat Shalom,” “Shabbat Shaboom,” and “Light the Candles."

THE PURIM BASH SHOW: During this rockin' Purim show, kids can come in costume! Everyone will rock out to songs like, “The Kooky Cookie” and “Costume Conundrum.” You can BOO!!! Haman and come on stage to become an Estherette or do the hamantashen dance or the costume parade!

CHANUKAH FEVER CONCERT: Get Latke-fied with this festival of lights concert with songs like “Latke Man” and “La Diva Dreidel". Spin like a dreidel, air guitar to “Latke Man,” and boogie down to the classic “Chanukah Fever.” This is a Chanukah rock concert like you have never seen before!

FISH SHTICKS: This is a celebration of Yiddish language and Jewish culture with songs like “Oy Veh!,” “Fahklempt,” and “Shvitzin'” - everyone from Babies to Bubbies will have a blast!

ROCK ‘n’ NOSH SHOW!: This show will include all songs about Jewish FOOD - hamantashen, bagels, challah, matzo-pizza, and more!

SUMMER CAMP ROCK N ROLL SHOW: This show is perfect to bring major RUACH to your camp and will be catering not only to the campers but the counselors and directors as well.

EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP: FIND YOUR JEWISH VOICE!: In this active and fun MUSICAL workshop, everyone becomes a songwriter. Mama Doni and her live band will show teachers a variety of ways to create their own original Jewish music for their classrooms.

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