We are proudly sponsored by Streit's Matzo!  You can find Doni on millions of boxes of Streit's Matzo at Passover time in grocery stores nationwide!  Also, when you attend a Mama Doni Concert, you will receive a  FREE CD, "RUACH: A STREIT'S COLLECTION" 

For the past 3 years, Mama Doni Productions and Streit's Matzos have joined together with a cross-promotional alliance celebrating Jewish culture with children & families.

The partnership between the Parent's Choice award-winning children's singer Mama Doni and the nationally recognized Streit's brand has been in place since 2012 and is designed to celebrate Jewish culture with the young generation, a mission of both Mama Doni and Streit's.

"I am honored to be working with the family-owned Streit's brand," stated Doni Zasloff  aka Mama Doni. "Together we'll be celebrating Jewish culture, tradition and most importantly mishpocha with music, a series of great concerts, lots of online activities and contests. I am SO excited!"

"Streit's is proud to join with Mama Doni. Her music is a celebration of family and Jewish traditions," said Aron Yagoda, President of Streit's. "As a family-owned business for over 85 years, we want to pass on tradition to the younger generations, from our family to yours."