The singer-songwriter breaks the mold of traditional Jewish music, bringing a blend of reggae, rock, folk, country, klezmer and "Jewgrass." 

-Time Out New York Kids



Doni is a rock ‘n roll rabbi, teaching the world about Jewish tradition, challah, and fun (which is not restricted by religious beliefs).
— Technorati

Joined by master instrumentalist Eric Lindberg,  Doni boldly plants her feet on unexplored musical terrain... For this outing, the focus is on a soulful, yet lively, fusion of American bluegrass with traditional Jewish melodies in an acoustic setting that gets to the heart of the Jewish holiday spirit.  

-Broadway World

Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg give kids not only a whopping good time musically and in storytelling but offer a hidden bonus: In three foot-stomping episodes, they teach kids how to celebrate Hanukka, Passover and Shabbat. 

-Hadassah Magazine

Frontwoman/songwriter Doni Zasloff Thomas says their music connects people to their Jewish identity, and it also shares their culture with those who aren’t Jewish. Their music is really intended for families of all backgrounds.
— Art & Seek

I would rank this as one of the best ways that I've learned something about Chanukah, Passover, and Shabbat.


The raison d’être of Mama Doni’s presentation goes deeper than surface “shtick.” What’s important to Doni is the idea of giving children their own current and positive musical voice
The album makes excellent use of instrumentation and arrangements, which support Mama Doni’s outstanding voice. That voice also highlights the beauty of the Hebrew language. How exciting it is to hear a musician take such a giant leap forward in just a few years!
— Parents' Choice Awards


-The New York Post



"More Than One Kind of Holiday Tune" 

-The New York Times 

She’s hip...she’s Jewish...and she’s got something to sing about. She’s Mama Doni (aka Doni Zasloff Thomas), a musically gifted singer-songwriter from Lower Merion who really knows how to bring audiences of all ages to their feet.
— Montgomery Media
Mama Doni will light your fire
— The Boston Globe
Mama Doni creates original music which is fun and eminently catchy, yet remains innately spiritual…Mama Doni’s ‘Michamocha’ has a country tinge to it that would make Mumford & Sons sit up and take notice.
— Parent's Choice Awards
Mama Doni strives for authenticity with its message. You get the hebrew and the meaning to the family and community. The band is committed to preserving Jewish (not to mention Yiddish) spirit in a world filled with 24-hour Christmas music marathons. Not every jewish children’s act is sponsored by Streit’s Matzoh. Surely a kosher stamp of approval.
— mr jeff
Songwriter/performer Mama Doni’s remarkable knack for entertaining and educating comes through loud and clear in her spirited new album, ‘Shabbat Shaboom.’
— Jewish Woman Magazine
Doni Zasloff Thomas was meant to do this. She was born to get up on stage as Mama Doni, the zany yiddishe answer to Mother Goose.
— The Jewish Standard